What is PHP Hosting?

PHP is a popular scripting language that is designed to produce dynamic web pages (e.g. login pages, shopping carts).

PHP code is embedded into the html source of a website, and is run on the web hosting server rather than on the browser. So, if you look at the source code of a PHP web page, the code that you see is just plain HTML. Since PHP is a universal scripting language, websites created with PHP are fully compatible with popular mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. A large number popular websites, including Facebook and Wikipedia, are written in PHP.

WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are the most commonly-used open source content management systems written in PHP. A lot of webmasters choose these three platforms to build their websites because of their flexibility. There are a lot of themes and plugins created for these three platforms and webmasters can create professional looking websites based on these systems with just a few clicks. Also, their themes are customizable, so webmasters can change the coding to fit their needs.

PHP and Web Hosting

As mentioned before, PHP is decoded on the web hosting server side. Therefore, if the website is written in PHP, it needs to be hosted on a server that has PHP processor module. It is important to check with your web hosting provider if the hosting plan you are using supports PHP.


Benefits of Joomla Hosting

Joomla refers to an award winning open source content management software allowing users to create websites and other applications. It is used to issue content on internet and intranet and allows users to modify the website very easily. The main reasons for the popularity of Joomla are its free availability being open source software and its rich functions, ease of use and flexibility.

Joomla hosting is offered by many web hosting companies because Joomla allows users to merge content and website template to create a website in few simple steps. Joomla hosting may be used on all types of operating systems be it Linux or Windows and is compatible with all sorts of web hosting plans, be it shared or dedicated web hosting. Following are the best benefits of Joomla hosting.

Wide Range of Features

Joomla allows users to build a host of online applications and websites such as corporate websites, job portals, intranets and extranets, community portals or family and personal websites. Joomla also allows expert users to create complicated add-ons on their websites according to their business demands. Some hosting companies also offer ecommerce features and tools which allow clients to modify product lists, control and manage inventory and view data reports. Joomla also comes with a layout manager making the management of your layout easy and simple.

Greater Control and Ease of use

Joomla hosting also provides the users with great control in terms of website security and presentation. No matter what sort of website you have in mind, you may easily create it with the help of Joomla hosting. Also, even if you are new to the website development arena, using Joomla hosting is simple and easy and allows beginners to manage websites without professional guidance. It comes with beginners guide and video tutorials making it easy for you to manage your website through Joomla hosting.

Extensive Community

Since Joomla is open source software, it has an extensive community comprising of developers who offer assistance and support on using Joomla hosting. Therefore, when the technical team of your hosting plan may not be able to help you for any reason, you may simply seek the help of these communities.

Two-Directional Text Support

Joomla offers two-directional text support which is not possible in the case of other small content management systems. Such a feature also allows clients to use content on their websites in the language of their region hence making Joomla very popular all over the world.

 Support For Thousands Of Extensions

Joomla is known to support around 2100 extensions and this feature allows clients to modify the content of their website according to the needs of the business. It also supports all kinds of multimedia files, be it in audio or video format and functions quite well on MySQL meaning that it makes use of all of its features.

The benefits of Joomla hosting are numerous and it is a must for all businesses due to its ease of use, extended features, free availability and the ability to create almost all sorts of websites.

Top 10 Web Hosting Blunders and How to Avoid Them

Consider the following web hosting mistakes and do not let these mistakes that can have a seriously negative impact on your website.

1 – Contact Information

Make sure your web host has contact information available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This should be in the form of phone numbers and email addresses that correspond to the domain name web hosting. Make sure you are dealing with a real company that is serious about both your business and theirs.

2 – A lot of bandwidth

If you are using a free web hosting service or cheap, then you most likely do not have a lot of bandwidth that could cause problems with your website. Even if you have to pay a little more money, it is worth to get the additional bandwidth.

3 – Generous Disk Space

Many times people find a web hosting service cheap or free and just sign without checking the amount of disk space. A inquisitive to ask, what happens when the disk space is full? Ensure that the hosts you are considering providing generous amounts of disk space, limiting you might consider using a web hosting provider that is larger and offers more services.

4 – Web Host Domain Name

Ensure that the domain name of the company matches the name of the web hosting company before giving their credit card information or hosting your website with them. On the Internet it is up to you to decide whether a company is legitimate or not, check out the domain names and the company to find a match to be sure.

5 – Security

Regardless of the web hosting provider you use and design of your website, you must ensure that you have secure websites for purchases where people enter the credit card information or banking and. If your site does not appear to be safe, customers will leave.

6 – Plan

Make sure you have a plan for the future and a sense of growing sites. Without this you might run into some serious problems if you exceed your website, shopping cart, or bandwidth very fast and have a plan on how to handle things. Make a plan of slow growth, medium and fast for what to do in every situation.

7 – Slow Server

Make sure the website loads within 10 seconds with a 56K modem. If not, then people leave your site before the page always opens. The reason for this is that people are looking for instant gratification online. If you can not provide the information they want in a timely manner, they will. It’s as simple as that.

8 – Design

Ensure that all web hosting service uses lets you design your site for ultimate success. If no rules or regulations regarding your site design that may affect sales and how customers perceive your site then find another host. There are plenty to choose from.

9 – Order

Make sure the buying process is clear, simple, and to the point. People want to buy their products without giving you a lot of personal information. To do that or just make some optional fields if you are trying to carry out market research.

10 – URL

You want your own personal URL that reflects your business and services. Do not use a free host that gives some kind of space using its URL with additional information at the end of the URL pointing to you. Spend the money and get your own URL that is unique, easy to use, and says something about your company. It will be worth.

The Best Small Business Hosting Solutions

Getting a new business going can be quite a challenge. Not only must registrations and reports be completed and filed with the correct state and federal agencies, there are many other to-do lists that must be accomplished as well. One of the leading IT providers in the market Microsoft has entered and captured the market with their hosting solutions. They claim to increase to increase the complete health of your business by following the best practices in the market. Let’s explore some of the best practices to consider while hosting and selling cloud solutions.

Since the hosting business is gaining more importance, you need to closely determine the capabilities of your organization and work intensively to grow your business. Your business needs to fit to survive in the market. Out of the many practices laid out by Microsoft, we have picked the best practice for business hosting.

A business website may be easy to use or hard to understand, depending on what kind of information is presented. The business may deal with one type of product and use an e-commerce website or the business may have a lot of choices of data with different ways to pay and need a pay per click website.

In today’s world marketplace small business hosting is a must have for every business owner. Fortunately, for the novice programmer, many small business web hosting companies offer packages to take the guesswork out of what you need for your website. The amount that companies charge for hosting a small business website will vary depending on the amount of bandwidth that the business will use along with the host’s size.

What Makes Unlimited Web Hosting Plans the Best?

Unlimited web hosting is one of the many web hosting plans you can choose from today. This plan offers a plethora of benefits that can work in favour of your business. With internet businesses gaining the spotlight by the day, website hosting service providers are coming up with various plans to suit the various requirements of customers. There are a plethora of options such as Windows hosting, Linux hosting, PHP hosting and more that are currently available. Of all these plans, it is the unlimited web hosting plan that is preferred by many established businesses. Most of the online stores that start off on a limited plan move over to the unlimited plans over a period of time as their business begins to expand and cater to a larger audience. So, what makes the unlimited plans better than the others being offered?

One of the main requirements of online businesses that witness heavy footfall each day is unlimited bandwidth. This is one criterion that the unlimited plan caters to. Limitless bandwidth is important to assure the customers of a seamless online shopping experience. When customer requests reach the server fast and receive timely responses, it becomes convenient for the customers to pick up items of their choice without having to wait for long. It is this convenience that attracts newer customers and also retains the existing ones. Irrespective of the time of the day or night, customers can shop from your website without any hassles, thus making it one of the most preferred web hosting plans for many.

Another draw of choosing the unlimited plan is that you can host more than one website. If your company has its presence across multiple verticals, then you can have one website for each of your specialties and choose this plan to host them on the same server. Hosting multiple websites on the same server has a plethora of benefits. It becomes easier to oversee the operations of the multiple sites and also monitor them. It is simpler to track their downtime and take measures to restore the issues that arise in any of the sites. Read More: Word Press Hosting Plan

Choosing the unlimited web hosting plan gives you the flexibility to install various applications on your website to make them more functional. You can have multiple applications running at the same time without having to worry about the operations getting stuck when your visitors are trying to make a purchase. This is the best of all the web hosting plans for businesses that maintain a huge database. Based on the nature of your business, you can provide all types of data to your users at all times. Despite offering these benefits, the cost of availing these plans is affordable. When you choose the right provider, you can be assured of money well spent if you sign up for this plan for a year or more. The discounts you are entitled to will depend on the duration you opt for. Therefore, choosing this plan for a longer duration will work in your favour and help you drive your business forward without having to spend money hand over fist.

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Benefits of a Shared Web Hosting Plan

If you are in the market for a web hosting company and have decided to go with a shared web hosting plan, you are certainly not alone. Millions of people and businesses choose to have their websites hosted by a shared server. For one thing, you will find it the most affordable option in terms of price. Also, if you are not technically inclined, having a shared web hosting plan can spare you a lot of the hassle of maintenance and upkeep. A good web hosting company will provide you with the expertise that you need to keep your website up and running so you can get on with producing content, or marketing your online business or writing for your blog, whatever your website is all about. A shared web hosting plan frees up your time so you can concentrate on the core business at hand, not maintaining servers and checking for functionality. Alternatives To Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting plans are so popular mainly because they are so affordable. You can find plans that fall under $20, which is really affordable in terms of getting a website hosted on the Internet. Shared web hosting is the least expensive option for web hosting that is available because you are sharing a server with other people’s websites. What’s good about shared web hosting plans are if your website does not require a lot of space and bandwidth, this is the best route to go in terms of affordability.

Another advantage to having a shared web hosting plan is that the maintenance and upkeep of the server is handled by the web host. You do not have to have any prior knowledge of server maintenance to get a shared web hosting plan up and running. The host company takes care of all the server maintenance and sets up your website with the features and options you selected when you chose your plan.  How To Save Money On Shared Hosting?

Shared web hosting plans are usually flexible and allow you to expand your capabilities once your website grows. Web hosting companies usually make it easy for you to upgrade your plan if you need more storage space or bandwidth as your online business takes off and you get more traffic to your website. You also have access to the web host’s technical expertise so if there are any issues, the web host will fix them. You don’t have to worry about not having special technical expertise. The web host will provide all the technical support you need to keep your website up and running.

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Evaluation of Dedicated Server Hosting

Website owners can put up their own websites on the internet with the help of a web hosting provider. Usually hosting providers provide a limited amount of space and bandwidth in case of shared hosting. If you need to have a lot of traffic on the website, then you should consider dedicated hosting as your choice. Dedicated server hosting is nothing but leasing an entire server offering choices of software, scripting languages and the appropriate hardware needed for the website. Dedicated web hosting is suitable for large businesses or clients who not only need professional assistance for their requirements, but also are interested to pay more. Of course dedicated hosting is somewhat expensive, but the benefits may override the expenses. It provides customized services and eliminates the problems of worrying about hardware issues and troubleshooting. Read the Tips For Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans.

A large website needs a knowledgeable staff for maintenance. Dedicated hosting companies take care of such needs by having on-site experts. Prior to choosing a dedicated hosting company, it is recommended to consider what is offered in terms of hardware and software as well. The superior consideration is uptime including servers, power backup, type of operating system and the control panel that is used to access controls to the website. Uptime is the duration of time for which the website is up and running. It is normally mentioned in percentage. The clients also expect high level of security and speed from their dedicated hosting provider. It is not compulsory that the OS on the client’s computer be same as that of the dedicated server. Co-location hosting is an alternative to dedicated server hosting. In this type, customers need to have their own server, but the hosting providers provide a location along with an internet connection.

Dedicated website hosting services offer several useful features such as serial console or KVM/IP, automated restore of operating system, and remote backup space that can be obtained by the customer either for an additional monthly cost or as a built-in facility. Serial console is an additional route for the client to access the server. This allows the recovery of the server from faults such as file system recovery, caused during the boot-time configuration. However, the automated restore function of the operating system will help to restore the original configuration of the server. In order to store the server data, the customer will be offered remote backup storage. Dedicated hosting services allow businesses to achieve fast, reliable and cheap web hosting backed by top server hardware.